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"Expressing Hearts and Lives To Touch"

About The Director

Jill Maree Thomasson

Jill has been a Dance Educator, Performer, and Artistic Director for 30+ years, training dancers of all ages, levels and abilities in numerous and diverse styles of dance (Modern, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, African, Musical Theatre, Social Dance, Liturgical, STEP). Her mission as Founder/Artistic Director of ExHaLTT is to create a forum for artists, who have a passion to express their love for Christ, to come together for weekly classes and collaborate, choreograph, and build repertoire to share. Jill's vision includes workshops, performances, lecture demonstrations and ministry opportunities to reach and build community through the ARTS (dance, musical theatre, vocal and instrumental music) . ExHaLTT (Expressing Hearts and Lives To Touch) was birthed 13 years ago in Jill, and she is excited to engage in this endeavor with 'like-minded' dancers, movement enthusiasts, thespians, musicians and vocal artists! Jill's desire to fulfill this calling has already taken her to Bulgaria, Haiti, Latin American, the Carribbean and along the East Coast to touch the lives of others, through the ARTS, and spread the Gospel of Christ's love for ALL humanity (Isaiah 42:6-7). Her hope is for ExHaLTT to grow into a haven for ALL to encounter the transformative power and the love of God through the creative, expressive and performing arts.

ExHaLTT is a non-profit, 501c(3), Performing Arts Academy